Work Log

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Work Log is a quick, free and easy way to keep track of your shifts and calculate the number of hours worked and wages paid over your pay period.

Work Log has a variety of customization options to ensure your work hours are calculated right. Some options include tracking holiday hours, several types of over time hours and the ability to automatically deduct breaks.

Headache Log

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Headache Log makes it quick and easy to track your headaches.

With each headache you can record how severe the headache was and when it happened, as well as what kind of pains, locations of the pain, potential triggers, any medications taken and if they provided relief.

Health Log
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Health Log is a free App for Android that makes it quick and easy to track your medical information, from physical pains such as allergies and colds to mental states like anxiety and depression. 

With Health Log you can add a variety of important information to each event such as severity, location, duration, what may have caused the event, medication you have taken and any custom information that can make understanding your health easier. The flexibility of Health Log makes it possible to use it for an limitless number of events you wish to track.

Mood Log
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Mood Log is a free App for Android that makes it quick and easy to track your mood. Mood Log provides an extremely flexible logging system making it easy to keep track of any mood related information such as anxiety, depression, menstruation, panic attacks, headaches, cramps, nausea and any other custom records. With each record you can record the severity of the event as well as a custom note and any medications taken.