FAQ: Work Log

Work Log – Android

  • How To Transfer Shifts to a New Device

The easiest way to transfer your shifts is to email the backup to yourself using the “Backup Database” option in the General Settings on your old device. (Both Work Log Free and Work Log Pro need to be installed on your new and old phone). Next you can import that data on your new device by opening the attachment in that email you sent yourself. When opening the attachment directly from the email you’ll be given the option to open it with Work Log (and potentially other apps). Select Work Log and Work Log will ask if you want to import.

There is a known issue with certain email clients not opening the attachment properly or saying “There is no app available to open the file”. If this is happening, try using a different client, ideally Gmail, as all testing is verified with Gmail.

  • Why Do I Need Both Work Log Free and Work Log Pro Installed?

Work Log Free does all of the calculations and contains all of the settings and records. Work Log Pro is a tiny unlock key that simply tells Work Log Free to unlock all of the extras like exporting and removing ads. To benefit from all the features, both Free and Pro must be installed.

  • Do I Have to Upgrade Again?

Work Log Pro is a one time fee. Once you upgrade you can install it as many times as you’d like on as many devices as you’d like as long as you’re using the same Google account you used to upgrade. If Work Log asks you to upgrade, follow the link to the Play Store and you’ll see the option to Install instead of the price.

Important note, both Work Log Free and Pro must be installed (Free does all the work and has all the data, Pro just tells free to unlock the extras).

  • How Do I Sort Shifts? (Shifts are Out of Order)

Shifts can be sorted by tapping on a column title on the View Shifts screen, such as the “Date” title. Tapping on it again will reverse the sorting order.

  • How do I Enter Overnight Premium/Differential Hours in the Settings?

The way the time selection works with the day selection, you cannot choose a time that is across two days. It’s possible to use the two active time options to account for overnight premium hours, for example: the first active time from 6pm-11:59pm, and the second time from midnight to 6am.

  • Work Log vs Work Log – Shift Tracker

Work Log was originally created for Android in 2013 and has been continuously added to and improved since then. In 2023 Work Log – Shift Tracker was created from scratch for Android. Creating a new app from scratch made it possible to add many features users have been requesting over the years, such as automatic cloud backups and syncing, and per shift wages.

In order to support the long term continued development of the improvement of all Work Log products and to cover the ongoing cost of  cloud backups and syncing, the new business model is a subscription model. The original Work Log will not be going away, and you can continue to use it indefinitely.

Both version have their own strengths. The following chart can help show the differences between both apps.

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 2.26.50 PM.png

Feel free to contact ARProductionsDev+WorkLog@gmail.com with any questions or for support